How it all began...

My name is Erica and I founded Absolutely EVO in 2009. Books are the main focus of the business, and the majority of the books I make are from my line of classic leather journals. With my attention to craftsmanship and use of only the best materials, you can be sure your thoughts, dreams, and memories will be recorded in a high quality handcrafted book that can be cherished for years to come.


Why books?

I took a book arts class while earning my B.F.A in Art Education, and it sparked my interest in this unique art of book binding. Shortly after taking the course, I secured a job for the Conservation Lab for the University Library, where I worked to repair, preserve, and conserve books. Some of the books I worked on were hundreds of years old. There was something special about working to save the history contained in the pages of those books. By creating my leather journals, I hope to continue to help preserve the unique and special stories of my customers.